Engieering, Strategy and Design

We build software and digital products to solve complex problems

We bring your best ideas to life

We build solutions that empower your team, serve the public and solve our country’s biggest problems


We transform your business into a digital service so you can reach and delight as many customers as possible.


After validating, we bring your ideas to life from prototyping through all of your startup’s growth stages.


We build digital financial products to help banks extend their offerings and compete in the mobile payments market.


We build eLearning platforms so schools and universities can collaborate and teach inside and outside the classroom.


We build EHR systems so hospitals, insurance companies, patients and public institutions can mangage and share information.


We build software to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state institutions, and to facilitate citizen interactions.

Validate your ideas and discover new opportunities

We identify and validate business opportunities, prioritizing by value, cost and risk. To do that, we perform market studies and strategic planning projects resulting in viable and realistic business plans.